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to solve the world’s biggest problems

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At Rainmaking APAC, we believe in

“Entrepreneurship at Scale”.

The simple idea that by combining the imagination and agility of entrepreneurs with the
scale strengths of large enterprises, we can solve the world’s biggest problems, one by one.

Who We Are

We are the region’s largest independent venture development firm dedicated to ideating,
building, launching and scaling businesses.

We have in-house teams embedded in every stage of scaling. From pre-Seed to pre-IPO,
we work across a venture’s entire lifecycle.

Game Knows Game

We are a diverse group of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and startup specialists, united by a belief that to solve big problems the world needs Entrepreneurship at Scale.

Entrepreneurial Authenticity

90% of our team are startup founders who are execution-obsessed and biased towards action. We are builders and doers.

Skin In The Game

Central to our ethos, we don’t believe in consulting fees when it comes to venture development. Risk-sharing is not an afterthought; it is core to who we are and what we believe. We’ve pioneered risk-sharing models for more than 15 years.

Ecosystem Builders

We have built ventures and scaled startups across every key market in the region, including Singapore, Korea, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.

We are fortunate enough to be able to choose who we work with,
and we always prioritise partners who share our values:



Driven By

Our Portfolio Presence

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Who We Partner With


  • $Build corporate ventures, bringing a team of elite entrepreneurs and unique risk-sharing models
  • $Create diversified new business portfolios across venture building, M&A, CVC and strategic partnerships
  • $Help corporate executives harness the power of Entrepreneurship at Scale inside their own businesses


  • $Back founders to build and scale ventures ‘in the wild’
  • $Drive new market entry with founders of growth-stage companies
  • $Help founders unlock partnerships with large corporations


  • $Drive large-scale market entry programs with a focus on commercial outcomes
  • $Power entrepreneurial ecosystems and support early-stage entrepreneurs
  • $Create innovation hubs around specific sectors, themes and technologies

Our Partners

Our Rainmakers

We are a growth-oriented team of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, startup specialists, product experts, developers and designers who believe that the world needs entrepreneurship at scale to create lasting impact.

We treasure diversity in people and thinking and are on a mission to build and scale ventures that make a difference.

We are active across APAC

Our Offices

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9 Battery Rd
#10-07 MYP Centre
Singapore 049910

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8F, 343, Samil-daero
Seoul 04538
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Hankyu Five Annex Building,
GVH#5 2F, 1-12 Kakuda-
cho, Kita-ku,
Osaka 530-0017
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8F, 343, Samil-daero
Seoul 04538


Hankyu Five Annex Building,
GVH#5 2F, 1-12 Kakuda-
cho, Kita-ku,
Osaka 530-0017

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The Commons
388 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Come Build With Us

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